Shoal Point Waters Stage 3A

Scope Vassallo Construction was the Principal Contractor for the latest stage of Shoal Point Waters.  This includes delivery of the cul-de-sac development of 19 allotments including footpaths, all underground services, specialised threshold construction of including stone tile placement.  All services, bulk earthworks and landscaping was completed by Vassallo Construction which ensured a smooth construction project.  […]

Gailbraith Park Estate – Stage 6

Scope Under all civil infrastructure works for the extension of Gailbraith Park Estate. Manage electrical contractor and co-ordination of construction programme with client and supervising engineer, Premise. Overview Vassallo Constructions was engaged by the developer to construct Stage 6 of Gailbraith Park Estate in the Whitsunday. A full crew was mobilised and completed the project […]

Richmond Hills Estate Village Park

Scope Undertake Principal Contractor for all land development works including water reticulation, sewer reticulation, stormwater, drainage paths, roads, electrical and NBN reticulation and landscaping. Construction of a village park (circa 3,000m2 regional park). New intersection on state-controlled road (Mackay-Habana Road). Undertake over 300,000m3 of bulk earthworks including shaping residential allotments on steep land. Construction of […]

Kerrisdale Estate Land Stage Three

Works for this 39 lot residential sub-division included the excavation, ground preparation, stormwater and subsoil drainage (incl. stormwater management controls), water and sewage reticulation (including installation of sewer pump station and rising main), roadworks, trenching and conduit laying. All necessary associated civil works for the construction of the residential subdivision know as Kerrisdale Stage 3 […]

Woodlands Estate Andergrove

Vassallo Constructions was awarded the contract to carry out subdivisional works for Stage 7 and 8 of Woodlands Estate. The project required the construction of 62 new allotments in the Estate. Works include Clearing and grubbing, installation of sewer, stormwater, water, electrical, NBN services, asphalt sealing, line marking and road furniture. In addition to allotment […]

Production Park Industrial Estate

Production Park is a 19 Lot Industrial Lot subdivision in the heart of the industrial area in Mackay, Paget. This project comprised of drainage, general earthworks, structures and protective treatments, landscaping and revegetation works. A high level of Environmental Management was required on this project. We experienced high rainfall throughout construction, however delivered the project  […]

Galbraith Park Estate Land Development

Galbraith Park is a multi-staged residential subdivision located in Airlie Beach. The developer demands a high-quality finish for this sought-after residential estate and Vassallo Constructions have been contracted to complete three stages of the estate over several years. The most recent stage 5C, completed in 2019, included earthworks, roadworks, kerb and channel, footpaths and turfing […]

Richmond Hills Estate Land Development

Construction of Richmond Hills Estate included operational works for the first three stages. This included the installation of a sewerage pump station, box culverts, major trunk drainage, roadworks and kerbing. The estate also features a spectacular park area that includes the surrounding McCreedy’s Creek. Due to the natural landscape of the estate, benching and retaining […]

Shoal Point Waters Land Development

As a fully master-planned community which offers prestige living, Shoal Point Waters is a high end residential development. Incorporating a manmade lake, park, landscaped buffer zones and impressive entry statement. Vassallo Constructions directly undertook construction of these areas whilst delivering stages 1 & 2 of the development incorporating 73 lots. Infrastructure upgrades included a new […]